11 JUNE 2017



Gerês Granfondo 2017

 Discovering new wonders


The fact of being the first of the Granfondos organized by Bikeservice, added to its scenario, the natural wonder which is the National Park of Peneda-Gerês (PNPG), inspires in us a special feeling towards Gerês Granfondo. It's as if we were talking about an older son!
Even though it is going to its fifth year of life, in 2017, Gerês Granfondo has never ceased of reinventing itself, as a result of both the commitment and the exigence we put on ourselves, in order to take you to new things and new places. It's been always like this and this fifth edition will be no exception.
After having redesigned the entire course for 2016, keeping all the features that built Gerês Granfondo's mystique, namingly the whole route within PNPG's frontiers, for 2017 we will once again innovate. Yes, it is still possible to do it and while it is so, that is a compromise we have assumed with ourselves but mainly with our friends and participants.
This way, next Gerês Granfondo course will be again directed to the east, to the Lands of Barroso, an option that has provoked such a positive reaction within the peloton in the event's last edition, passing by Montalegre, the Fumeiro capital. As it is tradition, we will start and finish at Vila do Gerês, epicentre of PNPG's region, passing through the villages of Vilarinho de Negrões, Cabril, Fafião, the Cascades of Tahiti and introducing the main novelty for 2017 route, an incursion to Serra da Cabreira, a wonder by itself but so many times neglected by road cycling. Besides this mountain that belongs to Vieira do Minho, we will also cross the centre of this municipality that, for all those who don't know it, will be a pleasant discovery.
Come to Gerês Granfondo and discover new wonders!