7 JUNE 2020


Regulation | Gerês Granfondo By TREK 2020


Art. 1 – Gerês Granfondo By TREK 2020 is a cycle tourist/cycling-for-all event, defined as an Open Race by the UVP-FPC (Portuguese Cycling Federation) and that respects its specific regulations as well as the traffic laws. This is not a competition but a sportive event, with leisure, tourist or cultural purposes, which are part of the attractive of this type of cycling. Participation is limited to two-wheel vehicles (road, mountain or tandem bicycles). Motor vehicles are prohibited.

Date and distance

Art. 2 – Gerês Granfondo By TREK 2020 will start at 9.00 o'clock a.m. (Lisbon Time), on Sunday, Junio 7 2020, in Vila do Gerês, finishing in the same location. Departure control begins at 8.00 a.m. and finish line control closes at 18.00 p.m. The 5km of the race will be under controlled pace before the race opens.

Art. 3 – Gerês Granfondo By TREK 2020 will have an extension of 130 km in the Granfondo version. There are also two shorter distances, called Mediofondo, with 94 km length and the Minifondo, with 77 km. In all of them the use of helmet is mandatory. Art. 3.1 – Detour to Granfondo closes at 10:45 am (km40.5) We alert all participants wishing to comply with Granfondo, the longest distance of the three available, to the closing of the ticket that gives you access at 10:45. From that moment on, no other rider will be able to opt for the detour to Granfondo. This action was taken following a request from the security forces, with which Bikeservice agrees, to avoid any risk to the welfare of the participants.


Art. 4 – The race will be limited to 2000 participants in the total of the three distances, who shall make their registration through Gerês Granfondo By TREK 2020 official website (www.geresgranfondo.com) or at Bikeservice’s siege, in the city of Póvoa de Varzim.

Art. 5 – Payment shall be made to VISA, MasterCard. Once the payment is made for and in case of giving up the right to participate until May 7 2020, the participant may get a 50% refund of the registration value. After May 7, registration is considered definitive.

Art. 6 – Registration is personal. It is possible to enter the race with someone else's registration, but after May 17 new participant will pay an extra 5 euro tax. Payment shall be made through money transfer to the IBAN PT50 0045 1463 4027 5091 3307 8. After june 4, the identity changes is not permited.

Art. 7 – Participation is allowed only to individuals 15 years old or over, at their own responsibility and risk. When register, all riders declare to be totally fit to participate, both physically and clinically. We advise all participants to take a full medical exam before entering our event. For participants between the ages of 15 and 16 (cadets) the shortest course (77km) is required.

Art. 8 – Registration cost, until the May the 24, is 35 euros for athletes licensed in the Portuguese Cycling Federation (UVP-FPC) or any other cycling federation of another country. It is MANDATORY, in the moment of the registration, to write the license number. In case of accident, participant must activate his federation insurance. For non-licensed or licensed in FPCUB and in Federação Portuguesa de Triatlo (Portuguese Triathlon Federation) the cost is 38 euros, since their federations’ insurances don’t cover this kind of events. Registration will be accepted between May 25 and June 5, but with an aggravated cost of five euros. After May 25, all registrations that are not paid will be eliminated. To make a new one, one must register in www.geresgranfondo.com. All registrations made after May 17 will not be customized with participants’ name. Registration closes when reaching 2000 or June 5.

Art 9. – Federation licenses must be valid in the year the race will take place. Those who have registered in the year before the event with a license valid only for that year will not be considered licensed riders, thus will have to pay a normal inscription fee.

Art 10 – It is mandatory to place the race’s number in the bike’s handlebar. In case it is placed in any other bike part, the participant will not be allowed to enter the departure zone.

Art. 11 - The concept of participation in male, female or mixed doubles implies that its members ride and arrive together at the intermediate points and at the finish line, and the time considered for classification will be that of the second member to cross the finish line. The penalties will be in time or disqualification and will be applied at the end of the race: 1. Passage at intermediate points with differences larger than 1 minute between the two team members: 15 minutes for each occurrence; 2. If for any reason one of the elements has to give up, the other element is allowed to continue in the race, with the team suffering a penalty corresponding to the worst time of the stage, plus 30 minutes for the withdrawal of the element; 3. The lack of identification of the athlete, with the absence of the frontal and / or dorsal throughout the race, implies the disqualification of the team. 4. Whether by will or by external factors, failure to comply with the course implies the disqualification of the participants in question.

Participant Kit

Art. 12 - Registration includes: - The right to take part on Gerês Granfondo By TREK 2020 - Recovery lunch - Bottle of Vinho Cadão Douro - Bidon, offer Prozis - Energetic Bar, offer Prozis - Energetic Gel, offer Prozis - Buff, offer Prozis - Finisher medal - Race Book - Food and liquid supplies - Athlete free fotos, on event facebook page “Geres Granfondo” - Race number customized with name and country (Registration validated until May 17) - First aid and medical assistance - Access to showers - Finisher certificate by electronic means - Classification by electronic chip - Professional mechanical assistance - Personal accident insurance in accordance with the law in force (for non-federated athletes in FPC - 90 € deductible) Capital Penthouses per person Death by Accident 28.043.00Euros Permanent Disability by Accident 28.043.00Euros Accident Treatment Expenses 4,487Euros Funeral Expenses (Expenses) 2244,00Euros The event will have its official jersey, bib shorts and gloves and they can be purchased through the event’s website or in the registration office. Prices and other detail, will be later announced. Timing

Art. 13 – Although being a cycling/cycle tourist challenge, all riders will be timed, by means of an electronic chip, in the time taken to complete the length of the course. The electronic chip is personal and of mandatory use, resulting in immediate disqualification not complying with this rule. All riders must pass under the departure arch otherwise the electronic chip will not be activated.

Departure order

Art. 14 – Granfondo, Mediofondo and Minifondo departure will be made simultaneously, with participants distributed in numbered boxes with the following names: 1 ao 100 + Inscrição VIP - Box TREK 101 ao 300 Box - CADÃO DOURO 301 ao 500 Box – LACOVIANA 501 ao 700 Box – PROZIS 701 ao 900 Box - LOVE TILES 901 ao 1100 Box - CACB 1101 ao 1300 Box – IRBAL 1301 ao 1500 Box – EUROPCAR 1501 ao 1700 Box – Lipor 1701 ao 1900 Box – Oakley 1900 ao 2000 Box – RECONCO This distribution shall obey exclusively to the ORDER OF PAYMENT. Each of these boxes has 200 places. There will be a VIP box ahead of all others.


Art. 15 - Individual Registration In the Minifondo: - First three men's absolute classified. - First three women absolute classified Granfondo Exclusively: Trophy for the Absolute Winner Male and Female In Mediofondo and Granfondo First three of the following ranks: Men's - Elites (born until 1991) - Masters A (from 1990 to 1981) - Masters B (from 1980 to 1971) - Masters C (from 1970 to 1961) - Masters D (from 1960 to 1951) - Masters E (born 1950 or earlier) Female - Elites (born until 1991) - Masters A (from 1990 to 1981) - Masters B (from 1980 to 1971) - Masters C (born 1970 or earlier) Teams: - Granfondo's first three teams, count the best 3 times, without category distinction. - Larger team.

Art. 15.1 - Inscription Doubles Top three in the following categories of Mediofondo and Granfondo: - Men's Doubles - Women's Doubles - Mixed Doubles The podium ceremony: 2:30 pm- Minifondo | 3 pm- Mediofondo | 3:30 pm- Granfondo

Registration office

Art. 16 – On June 6, between 10 a.m. and 7h30 p.m., on June 2nd between 7.00a.m. and 8.30 a.m. It is located in Centro Termal, Vila do Gerês. Mandatory documents: Registration holder: ID document, in case of being licensed it is necessary a copy of the federation’s license. Non-holder: holder’s ID document, in case of the holder being licensed it is necessary a copy of the federation’s license.

Medical assistance

Art. 17 – The Gerês Granfondo By TREK 2020 organization will provide for medical assistance with specialized personnel. Any time a participant asks a member of the organization staff for it or through the emergency phone number inscribed in the race’s number plate, the assistance system is activated. Mechanical assistance

Art. 18 – The event will have mechanical assistance at the start and also along the route. Organization staff and vehicles provide for it. It is forbidden any mechanical assistance made by private or team cars during the event. It is expressly forbidden the circulation of team or personal cars in the race course.

Art. 18.1 – We advise each participant to take along with him the basic material and tools so he can repair simple mechanical problems, such as a puncture, as the organization staff can be far from the spot and take some time to get there. Our work is free from any costs but if any replacement part is necessary, it will be charged to the participant. Legal provisions

Art. 19 – All participants must obey the traffic laws, since the Gerês Granfondo By TREK 2020 course takes place in open roads. Any disrespect towards the traffic laws results in the immediate disqualification of this edition of the race as well as future ones.

Art. 20 – The organization is not to blame for any kind of accident regarding participants, be them victims or responsible for the accident. Nor it is to blame for any kind of debts contracted by participants, before, after or during the event, or even mechanical damage or material loss that may occur with bicycles or other equipment. All participants exempt the organization of any responsibility regarding loss or deterioration of personal objects, under any circumstances.

Art. 21 – The organization has the right to make all kinds of changes it considers necessary, on the course and other matters. The organisation reserves the admission right to the Gerês Granfondo By TREK 2020

Image rights

Art. 22 – Reading and accepting these regulations means that all participants entitle the Gerês Granfondo By TREK 2020 organization to film, totally or partially, its participation in the race; they also entitle the organization to use their image in promoting the event on all kinds of media (TV, radio, press, photos, DVD, internet, posters, flyers, etc), as well as giving away completely free from charges the commercial and advertising exploitation rights of their image. The organization guarantees the full respect of laws regarding personal data.

Art. 23 – The act of registration for this event implies the full acceptance of these regulations, as well as waiving all kind of legal action against the organization of the race that could emerge from participating in the Gerês Granfondo By TREK 2020.


Art. 24 – Will be disqualified those who: a) Disrespect the traffic laws. b) Disrespect instructions given by organization staff or law enforcement authorities. c) Don't pass through control zero at the start and/or other control points along the course. d) Don't respect the environment, by means of polluting it along the course, throwing waste or other. e) Have their private or team car in the race, affecting it. f) Disrespect the present regulations or the event.

Final provisions

Art. 25 – We strongly advise all participants to take a full medical exam before entering in this event. We also stress the need for an adequate eating and hydration regime before and during the race, although there are food and liquid supplies in defined points along the course.

Art. 26 – The organization will not assume any responsibility in compensating participants in case the event is postponed or cancelled due to “force majeure”.

Art. 27 – It is up to the organization analysing and deciding on omissions or exceptional cases.

Art. 28 – Registration and participation of individuals suspended by the use of banned substances will not be accepted. vArt. 29 - By signing up for Gerês Granfondo 2020, I authorize Prozis, Stopandgo and Bikeservice to communicate with me via sms and email for the following purposes:

payment information

participant data information

classification information

information about the test

Statement of responsibility





Statement of responsibility

1. I, the undersigned, ............................................................................................................................................, holder of the identification document nº..................................................... and holder of Gerês Granfondo race number………………., the event which takes place on June 2 st 2019, declare to have read and accepted the race’s Regulations. I further declare to have taken notice that this is an amateur cyclotourism/cycling event for all, without any competitive purpose, that unfolds in public roads open to traffic, accepting the resulting risks, so I agree to comply with and enforce the traffic laws as well as Gerês Granfondo Regulations.

2. I declare to have been given all necessary information from the organization, as well as information I asked for, concerning the inherent risks to my participation in the Gerês Granfondo, being fully aware that the race takes place on roads open to vehicle circulation foreign to the event with whom I may come across; that I will pass traffic interceptions open to vehicle circulation, so I agree to use the utmost care and caution crossing them; that some of the race’s course are, either by road conditions or the steep slope of the rode, dangerous and I was duly alerted by the organization to this situation as well as the risks it may cause.

3. I also declare that I will not ask any responsibilities to Geres Granfondo’s organization or to any other entities involved in the event for any accident I may cause or be a victim and that might affect/involve other participants, organization staff or others, nor by any debts contracted by me before, during or after the ride, as well as mechanical malfunctions or losses that the bicycles or other equipment owned/used by me may suffer. I also exempt the organization for any loss or deterioration of personal belongings in any circumstance.

4. I assume that Gerês Granfondo organization has recommended a thorough medical check-up before joining this ride to all participants, for which I will not ask any responsibilities to the referred entity in case I suffer any kind of loss resulting from health problems that may occur after my participation in the event. I declare to fully assume any risk to my health that may come from participating in the Gerês Granfondo.

Signature (as in the identification document) ......................................